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How Many Hours Must You Spend In The Gym To Lose Weight?

Ever Try To Lose Weight By going to the gym excessively only to end up feeling hopelessly larger than when you started? It happens to more people than you think. Most of us myself included end up going to the gym with no clue of what to do? Not only that sometimes we have been using the same old routines that never worked in the past but for some reason we think that this will be the time.

So how will spending more unproductive time at the gym help with weight loss? The truth is that it doesn’t. For someone serious about losing weight the first thing that they should assess doesn’t have anything to do with a gym or lifting weights. It’s not something that is made of metal, smells like sweat or requires a membership. The honest truth is that true weight loss begins with assessing and spending hours on your diet and not your gym plan.

Forget the Gym and Start Eating and Dieting Better

Eating and dieting better is a long process, first and foremost. It’s not something that just will happen by “trying to eat healthy”. A good diet is a plan that is formulated and well thought out and most importantly implemented over many minutes, hours and days. Damn as I write this I realize that I need to really step it up and make my diet as best as I can.

Your diet should be something that you base all your other decisions around. Think about it being on a diet requires you to think about where your going to eat next? What are you going to be eating when your going to your brother/sister’s house and what type of foods are available to you if you decide not to bring a lunch to work.

All these things need to be kept in the back of your mind and it’s not impossible to do but it is something you need to spend time developing. I would definitely say that it is more important to allocate hours to your diet plan rather than your workout plan.

So How Do You Prevent Overlooking the Diet and not Get Persuaded into the Gym?

One thing is that you gotta realize that more time of your life is going to be spent outside the gym. For an example check out this scenario that helps to illustrate how important your diet is.

Let’s say for example that you work out for 5 hours every week which IS a lot of time to be at the gym. 5 hours a week = only about 3% of your week everyday is actually spent in the gym and more of it is actually spent eating, sleeping, working, eating, resting, eating, snacking and drinking. Notice a pattern? Yea, 97% of your week is spent outside of the gym meaning that it is more important to work on your diet if your trying to lose weight and not your gym plan.

Hopefully this helps a lot of you guys out. If you agree or disagree with my position tell us in a comment below!

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